Past VET Programs

The wealth of the sea

The programme implemented in Athens from 28/11/2022 till 10/12/2022
Project code: 2022-1-RS01-KA121-VET-00005956
Participants:  16 students from the Technical School Trgovinsko-ugostiteljska skola of 
Leskovats - Serbia from the specialties of Logistics, Chefs, and Restaurant Service.
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New technologies in car mechanics

Project number: 2022-1-RS01-KA122-VET-000075749

Technical School of Vlasotince - Serbia

The programme took place in Athens, Greece, in 2 flows:
1st flow from 19 November 2022 until 30 November 2022 -  9 students and 2 teachers
2nd flow from 8 December 2022 until 19 December 2022  -  9 students and 2 teachers

International educational mobility of students, graduates and vocational education staff

Project number 2021-1-PL01-KA121-VET-000006919

20 students and 2 teachers from the Zespół Szkół Zawodowych im. prof. Jerzego Buzka w Węgierskiej Górce POLAND hosted by INPLANET from 4 September 2022 till 2 October 2022.

Students had their internships programme in the specialties of Mechatronics, Automation, and IT.

The Halliwick Ten Point Programme - Innovative Training for Students of Assistants Physiotherapists

Erasmus+ VET Mobility Project 2020-1-MK01-KA102-077732

The schools:

  1. SOU "Jane Sandanski" Stip North Macedonia
  2. NIKOLA SHTEJN Tetovo North Macedonia
  3. SMUGS D-r Pance Karagjozov Skopje North Macedonia

15 students and 3 teachers May – June 2022

The method is used more often in neurorehabilitation and pediatrics. It is a combination of hydrotherapy and kinesiotherapy that allows easier movement of disabled people, or paralysis into the water.

Entrepreneurial Development Through Internet and Social Media

Erasmus+ VET Mobility Project 2020-1-MK01-KA102-077700

Nowadays, Marketing is not used in its traditional form. Every organization recognizes that developing and consolidating an integrated branding is an integral part of any corporate strategy. This practical seminar is an integrated training program based on the latest developments in today's successful Digital Marketing. Participants, will build and upgrade their digital infrastructure by using Social Media, Email and Mobile Marketing tools.

The main objective of the proposal is to enrich the participants' knowledge of "New Strategies and Promotion Tools" so as to improve their professional skills and facilitate their personal development.

The schools:

  1. OSU Jovce Teslickov from Veles - North Macedonia
  2. SOU Kuzman Josifovski-Pitu from Prilep - North Macedonia
  3. Sredno opstinsko uciliste Pero Nakov from Kumanovo - North Macedonia

3 flows - 26 students and 3 teachers April and May 2022

Sustainable Agriculture

Erasmus+ VET Mobility Project 2019-1-PC01-KA102-000660 and title

Sustainable Agriculture (Održiva Poljoprivreda) for the Srednja škola “Sveti Trifun”, from 09/05/2022 till 20/05/2022 for 10 students and 2 teachers

Ready for work in digital Europe

Erasmus+ VET Mobility Project 2020-1-PL01-KA102-080978
37 students and 4 teachers of the "Zespół  Szkół Centrum Kształcenia Rolniczego in Swarożyn, Poland"
5-18/10/2021 & 21/10-3/11/2021 about Agricultural crops and products

Empowering the Vocational Training in the sector of Textile Engineering

Feb - Mar 2020 Students from North Macedonia The schools: Sredno Opstinsko Uciliste Dimitar Mirasciev Stip, Sredno opshtinsko uchilishte Gjorche Petrov, Sredno opstinsko uciliste NIKOLA KAREV Strumica

Sweet and Savory Ideas

Erasmus+ Mobility Project 2019-1-RS01-KA102-000518 30 students and 3 teachers of the Trgovinsko-ugostiteljska skola Leskovac

Innovative Training of Mechanical Engineering Technicians

March 2020 Students from the school SOU Nikola Karev - Strumica - North Macedonia


Nov 2018 and March 2019
40 students and 4 teachers from Italy


2016 -1-IT01-KA102 -005247
Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Statale “Cenzino Mondelli”

STEM Technologies as a lever for the training of European citizens in the 21st century

From 15 to 19 May 2017

Sending institution: Colégio São Martinho,  Coimbra, Portugal


ERASMUS+ KA1 Mobility project for VET learners and staff

30/10/2016 to 05/11/2016

Sending organization: EPAR - Desenvolvimento, Ensino, Formação e Inserção Crl,   Lisboa (PT)

Aim: Exchanging good practices, acquiring skills and knowledge and/or building long-term partnerships through participative observation” and fulfilling all its pedagogical, follow-up, evaluation and certification requirements