Erasmus+ program Developing Skills and Initiatives Through EVS 2017-3-EL02-KA105-003496 Athens 1/9/2018 – 31/8/2019 The idea: To offer the opportunity of European Voluntary Service to young people (aged 17-30) with fewer opportunities (geographical, economical and social). It was a Long Term program, 12 months, for 6 young people, from European countries – Cyprus, France, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania.
The aims: 
The promotion and the enhancement of the extroverted character of INPLANET which can derive from the involvement of the volunteers in issues such as the diffusion of the results of European programs, by editing articles which can be uploaded in the Social Media, in Greek as well as foreign sites of youth interest and by editing a monthly  newspaper for the “News of EVS”.
The appointment of the role of INPLANET as a sports and cultural organization through the engagement of the volunteers in issues such as the planning and implementation of cultural and sports activities having, on the one hand, the assistance and technical support of the Municipality of Agia Varvara and on the other hand the valuable contribution of the Erasmus+ program with the aim to promote culture, sports and wellbeing in the society as invaluable social values.
A very important part of the program was the interaction between the volunteers and the local community members, through common activities, with a purpose to create active and responsible citizens, in accordance with the Democratic ideals of European Union.
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