Youth Exchange “Without Barriers”


Kato Alissos, Greece August 27-September 4, 2019

Youth Exchange participant No: 7 participants + 1 group leader from each country Partner countries: Greece, Georgia, Moldova and Reunion Island

Erasmus+ Youth exchange Project “WITHOUT BARIIERS” will be implemented in Kato Alissos, Greece during August 27 - September 4, 2019. Project “Without Barriers" aims at following: Participants start tolerant thinking through exploring and overcoming prejudices, stereotypes in particular towards migrants, refugees and ethnic minorities, that disturb intercultural dialogue. They have a better understanding of benefits of intercultural society and they gain new competencies to act as a role models for building more tolerant and inclusive communities. Finally, they are given opportunity to build networks of international contacts, to actively participate in society and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity; During the project, participating youth will share and learn from each-other more about diversities, will explore roots of discrimination and find out ways how to deal hate speech and discrimination cases.

Human Rigths and Freedoms


Athens 27/12/2016  -  3/1/2017

The safeguarding of human rights through international treaties and other legal texts and instruments, is only the beginning of long and difficult, as it turns out, creation of a global culture that truly respects human rights, and in which they are the "common language".It is universally admissible impact that may have on the present and the future of our planet and in our daily life, the creative assimilation by the new generation of basic humanitarian principles. Young people are the most important lever to "consolidate" them in difficult and often "grim" daily local or global reality. Information, awareness raising and mobilization of young people is a "guarantee" to ensure respect for human rights and prevent their violation.Human rights and freedoms are social conquest and can contribute substantially to the development of clear criteria and conditions for the rational and fair exercise of power, to "measure" the man, but also to contribute effectively to the investigation, questioning, critical but and reform.Education through forms of non-formal learning, new human rights, in practice, can be an important tool for awareness-raising and "stop" active citizen act, participate, intervene in contemporary social problems, defends universal human values adds, after all, and that a stone in the edifice of world cultural, social, economic, prosperity and justice. These were key objectives of the program. We used methods of non-formal learning and activities such as, debates and brainstorming, collaboration and simulation games, creating logos, articles, videos to showcase the ideas of young people towards social issues such as respect for the rights and feelings solidarity. .Through the activities of the project participants gained knowledge and deeper understanding of human rights but also attitudes and skills that will help them to defend the rights and freedoms of individuals.
The program is implemented in Athens by INPLANET with the participation of 30 young and 6 leaders from Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, Slovakia and Romania.

Love Doesn't Hurt


September 2018 - August 2020

Partner organisations:  BBJ Consult AG (Germany),  INPLANET (Greece),  Association for Intercultural Dialogue (Romania), BASD (Bulgaria), Euromedi Engineering (Spain), Tokat Economic Development (Turkey)

The purpose of the project is an international synergy between 6 European organizations with the same needs: educating towards gender equality, facilitating the social inclusion of young people from vulnerable groups. Having as target groups youth workers, trainers, artists, journalists involved in youth education belonging to partner organizations as well as young people belonging to vulnerable groups we propose a project having the following objectives :
1. The professional development of each partner organization through European collaboration, through direct learning, acquiring new working practices, and effective strategies to develop a culture of gender equality by means of 5 Short-term joint staff training events
2.To raise awareness on gender based violence using various non-formal methods during Awareness Raising Campaigns launched by all partners
3.To develop a new learning e-tool – "LOVE DOESN'T HURT TV”, a web TV channel as a true resource of international value, bringing together the best European practices and mechanisms to combat violence and social exclusion of young people.

RE-Connect with Nature protecting the Environment For Inner Health


Duration: 15 - 26 of June 2022

Activity: Training at Cyprus of 36 youth workers (4 youth workers from each organization) in Environment and Forest Theatre with Non Formal Educational Activities.

The main purpose of this seminar is to remind us how connected we are all with Mother Earth. An absolute natural process that we have lost to a great extent, living in the noise of cities. Another goal of the project is to help the participants fully realize the threads to our earth and the scale of harm if we are continuing to live as we are. Now more than ever, it is important that we understand the impact our actions have on the environment.

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Athens 25 of April 2022 till 2 of May 2022

Training of 32 youth workers – 8 Youth organizations from Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Romania, Georgia, Moldova

The project emphasizes on self-understanding and on the development of innovative ways to improve ourselves. This project consists of an effort to achieve the below objectives

1. Evaluate the ways by which we understand ourselves.

2. Understand our own strengths and weaknesses.

3. Examine whether our self-understanding is objective.

4. Examine the factors that alter our self-knowledge, such as the limited awareness of HR.

5. Stimulate interest in Human Rights (HR), discrimination and exploitation.

6. Develop skills for better self-understanding.

7. Encourage people to think "out of the box".

8. Develop innovative ideas for self-improvement.

9. Promote the idea of living in a fair and innovative world.

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Activity: Youth Exchange at Camping "KATO ALISSOS" (Patra, Greece)

Participants: 48 youngsters and 12 leaders (8 youngsters and two leader from each organization)

Partners countries: Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Croatia

Main Topic: Green entrepreneurship and environmental awareness with Non Formal Educational Activities.

Activity dates: 19 of July till 27 of July

The aim of the project is to increase the level of environmental knowledge and awareness of the need to protect the environment through alternative methods according to the environmental realities in the local communities.

The project`s theme is climate change and global warming, and its main objective is to enable young people and their leaders to work together and strengthen their European citizenship, promoting in the same time inclusion, environment and European awareness.

The Project specific objectives are:

• empowering the participants European identity and, awareness of the need for social participation to reduce climate change among European citizens.

• Making young participants to get out of the box giving their own ideas in green entrepreneurship.

• encouraging the direct participation of young people from 9 countries and encouraging the adoption of a responsible attitude regarding the reduction of energy consumption and waste.

• understanding the differences between nations, making them more united through the meeting between different cultures

• promoting the reduction of environmental pollution and understanding the importance of a healthy living environment among the members of the communities.

• Sustainable food, energy and generally keeping responsible attitude regarding reduction of energy and wastes

The idea is to use a variety of different Non Formal educational methods of thinking out of the box for green entrepreneurship with their self-improvement, personal development, coaching, time-management, psychology, against social and cultural discrimination and a lot of other themes which are becoming part of our personality. The aim is to spread these methods through the NGOs and help young people become more balanced and happy in their daily lives as well as increasing their employability rates.

Relevance of the project for Erasmus+

  • Improving the key competencies and skills of young people;
  • Including PAXs with fewer opportunities;
  • Promote participation and active citizenship in European labor market;
  • Increasing learning mobility opportunities for young people active in youth work;
  • Enhanced cooperation

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Improvement of Mental Health after a Lockdown


When: 18th to 26th of August 2022

Where: Glyfada – Athens Greece

Participants: 41 Youth workers, youth trainers, and stakeholders from 9 countries (Greece, Cyprus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Croatia, North Macedonia, Romania)

Main Idea: The program aims to express creatively through different tools of arts (creative writing, painting, theater etc.) this whole range of emotions. To speak, to hear, to feel, to consciously experience this time all these emotions, which we may have chosen to hide deep inside us and free ourselves from them.

Project Objectives

• encourage participants to recognize and learn to express and manage their emotions.

• Learn how to express their feelings through their body.

• Making the participants to accept the outside situations and gain inner peace.

• Learning creative tools to gain more self-knowledge and transform the unwanted situations in their lives.

• Develop compassion for other people and learn the value of collaboration.

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